Our lambs are raised on our property in the Southern Riverina, near the Victorian and New South Wales border.

  • Old Man Saltbush. A plant native to our region.

    Old Man Saltbush. A plant native to our region.

Three Rivers is so-named to pay homage to the Goulburn, Campaspe and Murray Rivers’ importance to the life of the region.

Three Rivers Lamb showcases seasonal lamb. Just like much of the produce we enjoy, rearing lambs is also seasonally-led, with climatic changes, age, breeds and feed all impacting the flavour and texture of the meat that meets your plate.

Three Rivers’ first seasonal lamb release in Autumn 2016 was Three Rivers Saltbush Lamb, sold in limited supply to discerning restaurants, meat purveyors and selected farmers’ markets.

Meat the Peats. A family living the paddock to plate ideal.

The Peats manage the entire process of bringing superb lamb to you.

  • Chris Peat.

    Chris Peat. The big brother.

  • Two generations of Peats have created Three Rivers.

  • Stuart Peat.

  • Haydn Peat.

  • Bruce Peat.

    Bruce Peat. Dad. Farmer. Butcher.

From his teenage start pushing meat carts door-to-door in his home town of Echuca, Bruce forged a career as a butcher and then a meat processor, always connecting his love of livestock with fostering cattle on his own farm land. He has an extraordinary knowledge that his sons can’t help but tap into.

Lambs are raised on their own farm. They are transported a short distance by the Peats, minimising any animal stress, for processing at their own A-grade facility. They control delivery direct to their customers in their own refrigerated fleet.

Premium Saltbush Lamb from the Southern Riverina, Australia.

Three Rivers' lambs are the Dohne breed (pronounced ‘doonie’), a South African Merino only introduced to Australia in the late 1990s. They produce both beautiful meat and exceptional wool.

  • Dohnes in our lush Spring paddocks.

Three Rivers Saltbush Lamb is available during Autumn and Winter.

March to August is Saltbush Lamb time; it’s the lambs that are born very late in the lambing season – August and September. Once weaned, the lambs are set loose on the saltbush-laden paddocks over the summer. Lambs additionally have access to a blend of grains, which includes the Peat’s own home-grown wheat, as well as minerals to ensure balanced nutrition. A limited season also enables the land and saltbush to regenerate.

The taste and texture of Saltbush Lamb is distinct. Pure and lean, but with an even fat distribution, it is tender and sweeter with a finer texture. Three Rivers Saltbush Lamb is best when seasoned and cooked simply to suit the cut, to allow the natural flavour to feature.

Seasonal Lamb Releases*
Three Rivers Spring Lamb available from August to November.

Three Rivers Summer Lamb available from December to February.

Three Rivers Saltbush Lamb available from March to August.

*Seasonal timings naturally subject to Mother Nature.

Where to find Three Rivers Saltbush Lamb

Three Rivers Saltbush Lamb can be found at fine food purveyors and top-class restaurants.

Purchase Three Rivers Saltbush Lamb at –

ABBOTSFORD: Slow Food Farmers’ Market, 4th Saturday of each month


BRIGHTON: Leaf Market

CARLTON: Donati’s Fine Meats

CARLTON NORTH: Skinner & Hackett


ECHUCAThe Main Course

HAWTHORN: Renaissance IGA

SOUTH MELBOURNE: Kirkpatrick’s, South Melbourne Market

TOORAK: Peter Bouchier


Dine on Three Rivers Saltbush Lamb at –

Bellota, South Melbourne

Ciccolina, St Kilda

Osteria Ilaria, Melbourne CBD

Oter, Melbourne CBD

Saint Urban, Richmond